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If you feel YOUR fitness business isn't going where you want it to go quick enough...if you feel tired of going around in circles...and feel READY to not only transform more lives through fitness, but transform YOUR own business and income in just 97 days - keep reading.

A FOCUSED ENVIRONMENT TO WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS INSTEAD OF IN IT. I help fitness professionals get away and re-discover and re-connect with their "what "and "why" to build a better business that provides the income and lifestyle they desire. WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE TO TEST YOUR IDEAS AND CREATE CONFIDENCE AND AN UNSTOPPABLE WINNING MINDSET. Mindset isn't just important it is the key to creating your ideal business to live your ideal life. It is only by getting away that you can truly focus on creating YOUR unstoppable mindset, building YOUR business blueprint YOUR way. But when you do, you will stop being swayed by others and, instead, drive things forwards with 100% confidence. DOUBLE OR EVEN TREBLE YOUR INCOME IN JUST 97 DAYS. When you get clear on the income you MUST create to live and enjoy the life you most desire, your business can be orientated to create exactly this!
RETURN HOME A MORE CONFIDENT AND COMPETENT FITNESS BUSINESS OWNER. In order to enjoy "training" people and ultimately and quite literally transform their lives you must ensure your own business is in great shape too. Our business is a reflection of ourselves. When we shine, our business shines too. My retreats are designed to ensure you, CEO and Managing Director of your own business indeed President of your own life, prosper, HELPING YOU OWN A BUSINESS THAT ENRICHES YOUR LIFE! This is the ultimate objective of my 7-day retreats and 90-day follow up program.
I am not naturally business-minded and so have gained a lot knowing I am not alone as I set out and have managed to create a niche market for myself and specific services to meet their needs.
I have really benefited from the help I have received to make my business more business-like and therefore able to grow.
The business coaching I have received has helped transform my business and enabled me to build it around my own strengths.
As a recent graduate it was important for me to get help in getting clarity on my goals and learning the best tools in how to achieve them.
Within 2 weeks of completing the Business Mastery Event I had increased my clientele by 60%, started charging more for my products and services and brought forward the opening date for my first studio by 5 months!
I am new to PT business having spent 30 years in employment but had no hesitations in joining the Business Mastery Event.
Allison Harding FOUNDER ZIGZAG WOMEN'S FITNESS & MOTIVATION Allison has established herself as the no. 1 women's weight loss business in Stratford-Upon-Avon turning over £100,000 annually. BE UNLIMITED
7-DAY LUXURY BUSINESS RETREAT TO WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS INSTEAD OF IN YOUR BUSINESS 1. You will reconnect with why you became a trainer in the first place, learn how to position yourself as an expert and charge more yet help clients experience a better result. 2. You will create a clearer and more impactful message to take to market that will make getting more clients, easier. 3. You will develop an improved product range to better stand out. 4. You will establish a marketing strategy to stop haphazard and sometimes quite random advertising efforts so that you spend less time working and more time reflecting and building your business. 5. You will refine your sales system to make more sales, more easily. 6. You will develop your referral system so that it better encourages clients to recommend others. 7. You will learn to manage your finances more easily using an appropriate client management system. 8. You will learn to automate various business systems without losing that personal touch, buying back your precious time to continue to improve your business including both Online/Offline business growth. 9. You will develop your own unstoppable mindset, deal with what holds you back and begin fulfilling your true potential as you develop the income, lifestyle and business you most desire. 10. You will work with like-minded people (8 people per retreat) to test your ideas and ensure everything is ready to launch on or before your return.
If you would like help with your business, are considering going freelance or would like to re-invent yourself and re-launch your business with confidence - why not apply for a complimentary call today!
90-DAY ONLINE GROUP MENTORING FOLLOW-UP My three times-a-month group coaching calls will ensure you maintain focus and provide maximum accountability following the retreat. Continuous business support and training throughout this period will ensure we leave no stone unturned as you strive towards your 90 day goal (including full access to relevant resources and guides to implement exactly what you need faster).

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Life's too short to go to work every day doing something you just don't enjoy.

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